Ristorante Luci, 3747 42nd Ave S, Minneapolis, MN

Traditional Southern Italian Dining
in St. Paul

Fine Italian dining in St. Paul is always available at Ristorante Luci, a classic Italian restaurant that has graced the corner of Cleveland and Randolph Avenues for eighteen years. We welcome both fans of traditional Italian cooking and newcomers to the ancient culinary traditions of southern Italy.

At Ristorante Luci, you will feel like youíve been invited to a real Italian party in the cozy atmosphere. And the food! We understand from first-hand experience what Southern Italian cooking is all about. From our homemade pasta to our homemade mozzarella, we are your Twin Cities destination for family-style Italian dining.

When you come to our restaurant, we want you to feel at home. Talk to your waiter. Work with the staff to create the perfect night out for you and your family or friends. Also, donít hesitate to contact us about small parties or intimate gatherings. Southern Italian cooking has always been about celebrations of family and friends. Join us for fine Italian dining at your leisure on Tuesday evenings or Thursday through Saturday evenings. We also cater parties of up to 35 people. Call 651-699-8258 for more information.


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470 Cleveland Avenue Saint Paul Minnesota 55105


Tuesday, Thursday-Saturday: Dinner is served


470 Cleveland Avenue Saint Paul MN
(651) 699-8258

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