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Restaurant Profiles

A la Carte Catering
Adrian's Tavern
Boca Chica Restaurante
Buona Sera
Cafe Twenty Eight
Country View Estate B & B
D. Fong's Chinese Cusine
Girvan Grille
Hell's Kitchen
Jensen's Wine & Dine
Joe Sensers Sports Grill
Joe Sensers Sports Grill & Bar Eagan
Joe Sensers Sports Grill & Bar Roseville
Key's Bar & Grill - Foshay
Key's Cafe - Downtown St. Paul
Kip's Irish Pub
La Casita Mexican Restaurant Columbia Heights
La Casita Mexican Restaurant Roseville
La Fonda de los Lobos Restaurant
Lightly Epicurean Caterers & Deli
Lone Spur Grill & Bar
Los Andes Restaurante
Lotus Restaurant
Luci Ancora
Luna Rossa Trattoria
Mansetti's Pizza & Pasta
Maria's Cafe
Mediterranean Cruise Cafe
O.K. Corral
Ol'Mexico Restaurante
Park Tavern
Q. Cumbers Buffet
Ristorante Luci
Sunsets of Woodbury
Sunsets on Wayzata Bay
The Original Pancake House-Eden Prairie
The Original Pancake House-Edina
The Riverview Cafe
The Riverview Wine Bar
Ursula's Wine Bar and
W.A. Frost & Company

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 Give a gift that everyone loves. A gift of dining, entertainment, romance ...

Angel Food Bakery & Coffee Bar

Great India

Really Good Food
At A Strip Mall

Great Sports, Good Food, Strong Pours!.

You bet you can! My wife, daughter and grandson, 3-years old, stopped in for lunch a week ago and were very pleasantly surprised. They have a really nice buffett with both meat and veggetarian dishes. Now, we have eaten at several places around the cities and we have enjoyed most of them. But Great India was really good! I'm not usually too fond of buffetts either but this one was kept fresh and hot. Their naan was truly excellent and rice, white or saffron, was perfect.

Great Sports, Good Food, Strong Pours!.

>>Great India's Website

6056 Shingle Creek Pkwy
Brooklyn Center, MN 55430


Girvan Grille

Scottish Ambiance —
American Cuisine

Great Sports, Good Food, Strong Pours!.

Girvan Grille, a new restaurant located at Edinburgh USA in Brooklyn Park, complements the Scottish heritage of the elegant Clubhouse while offering an eclectic American cuisine.

Girvan Grille is the first entry into the restaurant business by Lancer Catering, one of the Twin Cities largest catering companies most well-known for its venues at Edinburgh USA, Science Museum of Minnesota, Minnesota Zoo and Como Park Zoo and Conservatory. Lancer Catering, with more than 15 years experience providing a variety of cuisine styles and creative entrees to catering customers, has extended its culinary excellence to menu entrees at Girvan Grille.

Executive Chef Jim Malinowski introduces an eclectic menu that puts a new twist on some familiar favorites . . .

>> Continue Review
>> Girvan Grille's Website
>> Girvan Grille's Profile Page


Hell's Kitchen & Angel Food Bakery Now Deliver!.

Din Din, Morris!  After a successful test run with our bakery, Hell's Kitchen swoops into the action and now offers its  FULL MENU for delivery throughout the Twin Cities. Breakfast. Lunch. Dinner. Brunch. Even late nite menu!

 How far will Rock-It Delivery go?  Why, to hell and highwater of course (sorry, couldn't resist). Uptown, Downtown, University, Hospitals, and yup, even to our friends in St. Paul. hotels, offices, residences, hospitals, churches (mmmm donuts!) Rock-It's VERY reasonable delivery rates are a real game changer.

For Hell's Kitchen orders, call 612-332-4700 after perusing our entire menu online. Unlike the restaurant, which will start cooking your order the minute it's received, Angel Food Bakery requests orders 24 hours in advance. (Wish we could figure out how to bake and ice cupcakes in 11 minutes flat, but lots of highly-organized office admins have been perfectly happy hopping online to see what we offer and then calling us for their next-day meetings).

Hungry? Give Hell's Kitchen and Angel Food a try now.

>> Angel Food Bakery Website
>> Angel Food Bakery Brochure (order)
Angel Food Bakery on Facebook
>> Hell's Kitchen Menu (order)
Hell's Kitchen Website


Angel Food Bakery & Coffee Bar


Great Sports, Good Food, Strong Pours!.

Angel Food –downtown’s only full-service bakery and coffee bar with pastries, cupcakes, cookies, croissants, craft breads and coffee– is owned and operated by the founders of Hell’s Kitchen. But guess what folks? This isn’t “our” bakery; it’s YOURS. Read on.

Ironically juxtaposed on the street level, literally above Hell’s Kitchen, your bakery started as a desperate need for more kitchen space downstairs –you should have heard the arguments about “whose turn it was to use the oven.” So we decided to expand out kitchen to a space up above us. But when customers heard about a full bakery finally coming downtown, their excitement and online chatter led to an epiphany: Why not also turn it into a “demonstration show bakery” so visitors could easily watch the artisans in action while we work? And to keep you rogues from pinching (aka swiping) sweets and treats destined for our downstairs restaurant diners, we could also offer our goodies for sale, so that’s how your cool bakery came about.

>> Angel Food Bakery Website
>> Angel Food Bakery on Facebook
>> Hell's Kitchen Website


Twin Cities Dining Card

La Casita

Know Someone Who Loves To Dine Out?

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>>Order Now!
>>Continue Reading About the Card

A little Margarita
Goes Along Way!

Free Champagne In your room when you arrive!

Nothing says summer like a margarita. And I don’t care what season it is.  Those sparkling drinks can lift your spirits anytime. And if you drink them at La Casita, the atmosphere will take you a long way from Minnesota. And isn’t that why we go to Mexican restaurants? To escape from wherever we feel trapped? To pretend, for just a little while, that we’re relaxing in a friendly foreign country with great food, bright colors, and that icy margarita? Well La Casita gives you that and a whole lot more.

Like I said, this is the place to stop in for a margarita. The manager told me that you can’t make a margarita at home with a mix the way they do at the restaurant. Strawberry and lime are the most popular but they have a total of 18 different flavors. Not surprisingly, they recommend you try the quesadilla for an appetizer. You can get them in steak or chicken. They also have a vegetarian quesadilla. The appetizers range from $4.99 to $7.49. Following that, they offer five salads, a tostada, and two soups. I’m a sucker for their tortilla soup.

Reservations are accepted.
8955 Springbrook Dr.
Coon Rapids, MN

>> Map to La Casita Coon Rapids
>> Map to Roseville
>> Map to Columbia Heights

New Restaurants in the Twin Cities

Riverview Cafe
& Wine Bar

  • Hajime Japanese10950 Club W. Pkwy. NE, Blaine, MN
  • Well Seasoned
    920 E Lake St., Midtown Global Market, MN
  • Devil’s Advocate
    89 S 10th St., Minneapolis, MN
  • Maruso Street Food & Cocktails
    715 Hennepin Ave., Minneapolis, MN
  • Cowboy Jacks
    126 North 5th St., Minneapolis, MN
  • George and the Dragon
    813 W 50th St., Minneapolis, MN
  • Rodizio Grill
    12197 Elm Creek Blvd., Maple Grove, MN
  • Icehouse Restaurant & Bar
    2528 Nicollet Ave., Minneapolis, MN
  • J.J.’s Coffee Company & Wine Bar
    1800 W Lake St., Eden Prairie, MN
  • Sun Street Breads & Cafe
    4600 Nicollet Ave. S., Minneapolis, MN
  • Masu Sushi & Robata
    330 E. Hennepin Ave., Minneapolis, MN
  • Turtle Bread Company
    4205 E 34th St,, Minneapolis, MN
  • Cowboy Jack's
    4120 Berkshire Ln N., Plymouth, MN
  • Humble Pie
    822 W. 36th St., Minneapolis, MN
  • Black Sheep Pizza
    512 N. Robert St., St. Paul, MN
  • Bin Wine Bar
    400 Sibley St., Suite 150, St. Paul, MN
  • American Burger Bar
    354 N. Wabasha St., St. Paul, MN

  • Latte, lunch, laughter, quality wine, food, and beer!

    Great Coffee, Good Wine, Nice Atmosphere!

     The Riverview Café and Wine Bar has deep roots in the Longfellow community. In 1999, one year after opening the Riverview Café, Mara and David Bernick bought the former home of Crane Drug Store. The 1908 building still retains the vibrant storefront character, with a wide patio area in front that encourages gathering in warm weather.
    Latte, lunch, laughter, quality wine, food, and beer

    A gathering place for locals of all ages. Whether you need lunch or a latte  Riverview Coffee House is here to serve you. FREE WIFI to work or study, homemade sandwiches and coffee make this Minneapolis Coffee shop the place to go. Bring the kids to this KID FRIENDLY venue and slip into a comfortable couch, sip tea and read while the kids make use of the play area.

    We stock forty or more bottled beers, from nearly as many places as our wines. Save some room for food when you visit; our kitchen takes the finest organic ingredients, many from small, local producers, to create selection of appetizers, salads and pizzas to match any of our wines and beers. Check our specials board for soups, entrees and desserts, too.

    >> Riverview Website
    >> Riverview Cafe Profile
    >> Riverview Wine Bar Profile

    W.A. Frost & Company, Cathedral Hill St. Paul
    Sunsets Restaurants Woodbury & Wayzata
    Lone Spur Grill & Bar Minnetonka
    Great food, atmosphere and service with a full bar!Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, Banquet Rooms, Late Night, Live Music, Great Happy Hour & Damn Good Food!Boca Chica for great Upscale Mexican dining!